Special Events


The Adopt-a-thon, typically held in December, is a live telethon, hosted by WLKY.  The show features stories of children available for adoption and current adoptive families. The telethon is the primary means of fundraising for the Wednesday’s Child organization and utilizes local celebrities working the phones. Large donations are presented on air.

Holiday Party

Funds raised by private and corporate donations are used to purchase holiday gifts for children, using volunteers as the shopping and wrapping elves. The children receive their gifts at a special holiday party, typically held at a local venue, along with Santa himself, and a pizza party.

Kentucky Kingdom Family Fun Day

Typically held in July or August, foster and adopted children and their families are invited for a fun-filled day, hosted by Wednesday’s Child at a steep discount. Participants receive food and often some type of spirit wear, such as a Wednesday’s Child t-shirt.

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