How to help

Wednesday’s Child, Inc. is a 501c3 volunteer driven organization that relies heavily on individuals and groups for monetary resources and episodic volunteer personnel needs. We very much appreciate the opportunity to share this great work with others as a way to spread awareness and help children find forever families.

Here’s how you or your group can help!

Like us on Facebook

Facebook is another great way to keep in touch with us, help us grow our network and expand our reach, and share the stories of these amazing children. Find us here.

Make a monetary donation

Donations help us provide resources. Your donations help pay for adoption recruitment efforts and help adoption specialists guide families through the process. We also support the children while they wait, sometimes for years, with things like school trips, braces, holiday gifts and musical instruments.


Become a volunteer for our promotional events like speaking engagements, our booth at the Kentucky State Fair, and other outreach volunteers. Or, perhaps help us with our holiday present shopping, wrapping, or fundraising telethon.

Host a Fundraiser

Host a third party fundraiser and raise funds in a way that is personal and fun for you. Maybe you have a home party business for beauty, cooking, household, or jewelry products – consider donating a percentage of your sales on a particular night. Maybe you’d like to hold a car wash or a bake sale or an auction. If you decide to do something like this, e-mail us here to discuss specifics and requests promotional brochures and such.


Connect us to other groups you might know so we can broaden our network, raise more awareness. We can come talk to those groups.

Share your Story

Share your adoption stories with us as testimonials for why the work we do is so important.

Become an Adoptive Family

Learn how to become an adoptive family by attending one of the information meetings or visiting this part of our website.

Join a Committee or Board

Join a committee or the board to help our work on a strategic level. Our Nominating Committee meets annually to identify potential new board members. Committees are always looking for help.

Donate Items

Donate an item(s) for our children. They need things from new luggage to move from placement to placement to electronics to clothes. We are in the process of developing a wish list of items.

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