Adoptive Family Support

When families are joined together by adoption, there is generally a need for emotional and financial support. The children available for adoption through the Kentucky Adoption Profile Exchange are eligible for many different services and programs. The families who adopt these children often receive medical help, financial assistance, and reimbursement for legal fees for the finalization of the adoption. In Kentucky, children placed in foster care by the state also receive free tuition to Kentucky colleges or vocational schools.

Learn more about Kentucky’s overall subsidy program.

Adoption support groups are available across Kentucky. These support groups help families as they work through issues related to adoption and blending of a family. Wednesday’s Child, Inc., helps support our local groups by providing funds for childcare and refreshments.

Training Resource Website-ASK

Jefferson Region ASK Support Group Information

AETNA – Supporting Kentucky Youth(SKY) Program

Are You a Wednesday’s Child, or Have You Adopted One?

If you have a family photo and would like to submit a brief biography please contact us. We are always eager to share and celebrate your adoption success story!

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