Adoption Process

Because there is such a need for good homes for these children, Kentucky Adoption Profile Exchange has tried to make adopting a foster child as easy as possible while building in the appropriate level of safeguards. The process of preparation takes about six months. The steps are as follows:


Call 1-800-928-4303 to express your interest.


An informational meeting to learn more about the children and the process

Preparation Group Meetings

These are a series of 10 meetings (typically one night a week for three hours) that will help you understand the needs of the children and develop an understanding of how to meet those needs.


While attending preparation meetings, you will be asked to complete some forms for background checks, and medical history, and you will have to have fingerprinting performed at your regional office as part of your background check.

Family Consultations

A social worker, called a Recruitment and Certification (R&C) worker will come to your home to interview all members of your household. This provides an opportunity for you to get to know one another.


Once you have completed the above steps you will be ready to increase the size of your family. The agency is not obligated to approve or place a child with any family.


This will determine which children you are best suited to parent.


When you have been matched with a child, you will have the opportunity to get to know each other through regular scheduled visits.

Family Preparation

The Cabinet for Families & Children of Kentucky provides family preparation in every county in the state. There is no fee for these services; however, there may be minimal fees to cover court and attorney costs during the adoption process.

The adoption process begins with family preparation, a series of meetings between the prospective adoptive family and a social worker, and provides an opportunity for the family to learn more about adoption and to seriously consider their expectations for adopting.

The family preparation process consists of group educational meetings and family consultations. During this time, the following information will be requested:

Health Statements

Your medical history, a recent physical (within one year) is required. A medical condition that is under control (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) usually would not prevent a person from being approved to adopt; however, a serious health problem that affects life expectancy may prevent approval.

Criminal Background Check and Child Abuse Registry

A form is completed which the social worker sends off for a state and/or local police check and protective service clearance. We also will need to check your records from other states where you have resided.

Income Statement

You do not have to be wealthy or own your own home to adopt. Even if you receive some type of assistance, you are still eligible to adopt as long as you have adequate resources to provide for your family. Financial assistance in the form of a subsidy is available when adopting many of the children listed.

Personal References

You will be asked to provide the names, addresses, and phone numbers of individuals who can attest to your experience with children, the stability of your marriage and/or household, and your motivation to adopt.

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